Information about Privacy from BluejeansFM

Unless you tell us additional information in an email, in writing or verbally, BluejeansFM only collects the IP address of each visitor, the time of the visit including the starting and ending times, the title and author of the music tracks which were sent to your computer or mobile device during the time you were connected, the type of Media Player (WinAmp, Flash, Windows Media Player, Real Player and so on) and the type of web browser used. This information is not personally identifying information. Note that whether you connect to us using a permanently assigned dedicated IP address (Static IP Address) or a dynamically assigned IP address your internet service provider and not us will have your account information. We may use IP address information only to determine the approximate geographic locations where users connect to our service for purposes of improving service or in connection with the requirements of our music licenses. IP address information is provided automatically by your Internet Service Provider - i.e. - your Cable Company, Fiberoptic Network or DSL provider. IP addresses can be blocked in cases of abuse.

We never sell information including email addresses we acquire from any source. BluejeansFM collects certain information in order to calculate and pay royalties to artists, composers and performers as required under the terms of our applicable music licenses in the United States and in other jurisdictions. This information is aggregated by our servers and by StreamLicensing, LLC for BluejeansFM and other users so that the reports delivered to the music licensing companies do not contain IP's or other personal information.

From time to time our sponsors or BluejeansFM may request personally identifying information in connection with online sales or other transactions. In such cases you will be notified before completing the transaction. BluejeansFM does not retain such information, it is sent using encryption to the provider sponsoring the transaction. If you have any questions