BluejeansFM Information about Players

The Bluejeans Streaming Player (Click to Listen - Streaming Player) will work in most devices.
If it doesn't, we offer some alternatives listed below. Please note that if there
already is a player open you will need to close it first before opening another player.
WinAmp Logo WinAmp is free to download from and works with Windows, Android and most common operating systems. It offers the ability to listen to thousands of internet radio stations, podcasts, video and specialty broadcasts such as Amateur Radio, Scanner audio and Shoutcast and Icecast servers. WinAmp is also an excellent choice for smart phones.
Listen using iTunes BluejeansFM offers an i Tunes compatible player.
Listen using Windows Media Player Bluejeans provides a stream for Windows Media Player for Windows Operating Systems. Tested through Version 11.
Listen using Quicktime Bluejeans provides a stream for the Apple QuickTime Player, which may be downloaded for free for both Apple and Windows products at
Listen using Real Player Bluejeans provides a stream for Real Player. Real Player is a multi featured player which may be downloaded for free from including a media management facilty to help you organize your collection.
Proxy Server
Firewall Buster
If you try to listen at work you may find that BluejeansFM and other Internet Radio Stations are blocked. The Proxy Server provides a feed on a base port (Port 80 Server) that is most likely to be open as it is used by webpages.